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How Secure Are Big Sky Racks Weapon Mount Systems?

The Lower Burrell, PA Police Department installed a Big Sky Racks UCB (patented telescoping mounting bar) in Patrolman Scott Cardenas’ patrol car. The same day the new car was put into service it was involved in a high speed chase resulting in a roll over. Although the car was totaled, Patrolman Cardenas steadfastly maintains that the UCB saved his life! He claims that the UCB kept the roof and side walls from caving in. The fully functional UCB mount and rack system was removed and installed in another vehicle.

Although Big Sky Racks makes no claims as to the viability of its mounts as a roll bar device, it would appear that the added strength could significantly effect the safety of the vehicle. Big Sky Racks recommends that after installation, a hole be drilled through the UCB Bar and a bolt installed (included with mounting hardware) which secures the telescoping feature of the bar.