Electronic mounting Instructions

The Ultimate for Safety, Security and Accessibility

The ELS Models are designed to meet the security requirements of a wide variety of weapons. The steel frame is a one-piece construction that eliminates welds and provides for maximum durability and strength. Its matte-black finish is functional, attractive, and fits into the interior color scheme of any vehicle. Padded weapon brackets are bolted into the frame in grooved slots, allowing weapon alignment and adjustment. ELS Systems are the ultimate in security and response!

RB Mount

Specially manufactured U-Bolt/Saddle for mounting to partitions with roll bars, padded or non-padded. If padded, padding must be cut to accommodate U-Bolt/Saddle (ELS RB Mounting Option). Also used with UCB Bar.

UCB Mount

For use with vehicles without partitions and/or curtain-side airbags. Bar is attached by use of self-drilling screws into inner headliner side panels. Includes UCB Telescoping bar and Adjustable Mounting Brackets. UCB mounts will accommodate all ELS Racks, in 1 or 2 gun configurations.

FB Mount

Pre-drilled, square Flat Plates for mounting to a wire mesh screen or solid panel divider which allows drilling for plate support.

SB Mount

For mounting to cages with shelf-style upper frames.

VMB Mount

For vertical mounting on existing cages or flat surfaces

FF Mount

For mounting directly to any flat surface–trunk lids, S.W.A.T. units, etc. No mounting hardware provided.