Rack Inserts

The only system in the industry with quick change inserts

The ELS-300 Rack System is a result of departmental and agency requests for a single-rack capable of securing more than one type of weapon. It allows for officers changing shifts or vehicles to quickly and easily – with no tools required – remove and replace molded ELS-300 Quick-Change Inserts for their particular duty weapon.

Please Note : Please contact us regarding your existing Big Sky Racks model and other configurations available.

ELS System Quick Change Inserts

The ELS-300 Quick-Change Inserts are designed to be individually inserted into the ELS lock assembly, and available in numerous styles accommodating a wide variety of duty weapons.

ELS 330 - Multi-purpose System


ELS 320 - Insert for Auto Shotguns


ELS 310 - Insert for Pump Shotguns