Mounting Options

Multiple mounting options to meet your needs

The ELS models were primarily designed to place weapons in the ceiling of vehicles, offering a convenient, out-of-sight storage for weapons; however, the ELS Models can also mount vertically to partitions or flat surfaces,like trunk lids, S.W.A.T units and more. Review our options below or call to see which mount will work best for you.

Please Note : Some identified mounts are not compatible with vehicles having a side curtain airbag feature, please contact a Big Sky Racks representative to discuss your mounting options.

UCB Ceiling Mount

For use with vehicles without partitions. The bar is attached by use of self-drilling screws into inner headliner side panels. Includes UCB telescoping bar and adjustable mounting brackets. UCB mount will accommodate all ELS Racks, in 1 or 2 gun configurations. UCB Mount is not compatable with vehicles having side curtain airbags that are deployed from the headliner rail.

Floor Mount Bracket

Mounts to the front passenger floor. Elongated slot allows the weapon location to adjust by sliding forward and back; tilt up and down. Accommodates any ELS Model.

VMB Vertical Mount

For vertical mounting on existing partitions or flat surfaces.

RB Rollbar Mount

Specifically manufactured u-bolt / saddle for mounting to partitions with roll bars, padded or non-padded. Also used with UCB bar.

TLB Trunk Lid Bracket

For mounting ELS models to trunk lids.

FF Flat Surface Mount

For mounting directly to any flat surface – trunk lids, interior walls, etc.

FP Flat Plate Mount

For mounting to mesh or solid cages without a roll bar type frame.


K9 Cage Mount

K9 11

Mounts to the top of the K9 cage.  Gun Rack ‘floats’ in front of your K9’s door.