ELS System features

The Ultimate for Safety, Security and Accessibility

The ELS Models are designed to meet the security requirements of a wide variety of weapons. The steel frame is a one-piece construction that eliminates welds and provides for maximum durability and strength. Its matte-black finish is functional, attractive, and fits into the interior color scheme of any vehicle. Padded weapon brackets are bolted into the frame in grooved slots, allowing weapon alignment and adjustment. ELS Systems are the ultimate in security and response!

ELS Rack and Lock Features

Steel Construction
– High quality and durability for officer safety

Trigger Guards / Anti-Activation Guards
– Standard and high security available

Electronically Released Locks with Timer Delay and Push Button
– Allowing access to weapon for 10 seconds without holding release button

Key Overrides
– Choice of Handcuff, Standard or Barrel keys in the event of electrical failure

Adjustable Components
– Allows for proper weapon placement

Padded Weapon Brackets
– Protects weapons from maring and wear and maintaining a rattle-free environment

Driver-Side Out is Standard Orientation
– Passenger-Side Out available upon request on most models

Transferable Between Vehicles
– Allows for safe, convenient and easy transfer of weapon mounts between patrol cars and fleet replacement vehicles

ELS Ceiling Mount Placement

Big Sky Racks, Inc. provides law enforcement with an innovative weapon mount system, the ELS Model Series, delivering the ultimate in Concealment, Security and Accessibility to vehicular officers. The Quick-Access features of this system are unique!

The ELS Models were primarily designed to place weapons in the ceiling of vehicles, offering a convenient, out-of-sight storage for weapons. However, the ELS Models can also mount vertically to partitions or flat surfaces, i.e.trunk lid, S.W.A.T. units, etc.

ELS Ceiling Mount Features

Quick and Easy Weapon Removal
– Easy-to-reach placement for quick weapon removal from cars, trucks, vans, planes, helicopters or boats.

Concealment and Security
– The out-of-sight ceiling placement removes weapon(s) from public view–reducing intimidation and theft factors.

Interior Vehicle Safety Factors
– Allows for unobstructed vehicle operation. Also compatible with all vehicle front air bag systems.

Field of Vision and Awareness
– Body turning or twisting is not required for weapon removal, maintaining an optimum field of vision and response awareness–an officer’s full emergency capabilities are maximized!