Sport Racks

SBR Non-Locking Models

SBR Series mounts are available in two basic models: SBR-2G (2 Gun) and SBR-1G (1 Gun) mounts. Also available for both SBR models is the SBB-U utility bracket set which provides optimal storage and easy access for your small accessory items (fishing rods, flashlight, etc.)

NOTE: Some identified mounts are not compatible with vehicles having a side curtain airbag feature, please contact a Big Sky Racks representative to discuss your mounting options.

MODEL : SBR 1 Gun and 2 Gun Mounts


SBR 1G – model shown.

Features Include:

– Telescoping Square Bar: Adjusts to fit most vehicles.

– Ceiling Mounting: Convenient, out-of-sight weapon storage. Secure mounting to inner side plates common in most vehicles.

– Hook and Loop Fastening Strap: Heavy duty nylon strap anchored to metal ring.

– Padded Brackets: Thick, padded brackets protect finishes and scopes, and adjust to fit most weapons.

– Available in both 1 and 2 gun models

SBR 2G – Horizontal Mount 2 Gun Rack

SBR 2G – diagram shown